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EEPL Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure
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Infrasturcture & Machinery

Machinery Details

Puducherry Plant

Bangalore Plant

Axial Component Inserter

Universal, USA Speed: 20K cph

Universal, USA Speed: 15K cph

Auto PCB Loader

Gyunglim, Korea

Kinetron, Malaysia

Glue Dispenser

Ipulse, Japan
Speed: 24,500 dph

Automatic Screen Printer


Speedprint, UK
Speed: 5~250 mm/sec

Pick & place machine

Ipulse, Japan
Speed: 24,000 cph

Reflow Oven

Tangtech, Taiwan
Five Zones

Tangtech, Taiwan
Seven Zones

Manual Insertion Conveyor

Kinetron, Malaysia
Length: 7 meters

Wave Soldering Machine

National Solbot, Taiwan
Lead free

ICT Machine

Jet Technology, Taiwan

Z Check

Aprotec Instrumentation, U.K