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Bangalore Manufacturing Plant RoHS at Bangalore Manufacturing Plant

You as a Customer and We as the Supply partner, shall work together for the benefit of the Society (US)

EEPL Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure
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Message from Chairman - Emeritus

Organization is organic. Healthy growth is imperative, not optional. Nobody own organization. Trusteeship is the vision by which growth can be established by involving all stakeholders i.e., shareholders, external & internal customers, vendors, business associates and society at large. Any organization that cannot fulfill the obligations of any of the stakeholders cannot survive. "Win-Win" is the essence of healthy and long term relationship.

We are preserving the core values i.e. quality, cost & delivery and stimulate the growth in order to meet the challenges of the changing times. The pragmatic philosophy that one should "Think like a customer" is the key to sustained growth. Preserving the core values is our commitment. Stimulating postive change is our strategy.

S. A. Chandran
Chairman - Emeritus