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EEPL Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure
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Quality at Essae Electronics

At Essae Electronics we promote a quality culture at each level throughout the company, and follow the principle of “Next process is our customer” with foolproof mechanism to ensure that each product has been through every QC stage. Our staffs are ESD trained, and follow IPC 610 standard quality procedures for design, manufacturing, and testing of electronic PCB assemblies and modules.

Our QC process starts with vendor development, incoming quality, process quality, and final product quality and extends to the customer incoming quality.

Our range of test procedures includes:
• Schematic and layout checks
• Pre-production unit quality checklist of key inspection points
• Screen printing precision checks using magnifying lenses
• Component orientation and placement checks at SMT and through-hole phases
• Solder condition checks for both SMT and wave soldering
• Extensive checking of the first output unit against the sample standard
• Complete assembly layout checks
• Final QC inspection with reference to the customer design requirement